cropped-16-FPM-1032_SNACpack_logo.jpgSNACpack Program is run completely on donations!

As an IRS registered 501 (c)(3) donations are tax deductible under IRC Sect. 170 which also enables us to purchase items at discounted rates from various local suppliers. Your monetary donation is greatly needed to ensure that we can purchase what is needed to feed over 140 kids in Saratoga Springs Schools each school week.

100% of your donation goes to feeding hungry kids right here in Saratoga.

To feed a child for a week is:  $13

To feed a child for the school year is:  $520 

To feed a child for the summer is:  $150 

Financial Support can be sent to:

SNACpack Program
PO BOX 2452
Wilton, NY 12831


Donate Online:


S= Saratoga

N= Nutrition

A= Assistance for

C= Children

P= Program